So this is what happened. I grew up. I joined college. And, I shifted into a hostel. All this was last month.

And I started focussing a lot more on my dream to be this teenage writer who sits by her hostel window every night, after finishing my college chores and coming up with potent work of literature.

And then I realised that a teenage writer has a very normal life. Maybe a bit too normal. You may expect our lives to be as interesting as the stories we write–I used to–but, sadly, that is not the case. Every day is the same—an endless search for inspiration. We look for inspiration everywhere—under our beds, in our food, in our dreams, the people we meet, etc. But, at the end of the day, it’s always, unfailingly, something that we least expected, that draws us out to write.

Take my life, for example. I wake up every morning, annoyed at something or the other—mostly my alarm. Then, I sip my tea and get into my ‘contemplation mood’, which is when I have deep thoughts about the purpose of my life. I go to college, come back to my room, sit in front my laptop and think about everything that happened that day so that I can write an article for my blog–an article like this. But often, I have nothing to write because nothing interesting happened. So I sift through my memories to think of some funny conversation or moments, that took place that day, but again I get nothing. This leads me to the same conclusion day after day—I have a boring life.

But is that true? Do all writers need to have an epic life story to get inspiration from? What about the normal ones like me?

Well, Haruki Murakami gets his inspiration from exercising; James Satler likes to travel; and, Nicholson Baker gets inspired to write if he sets a deadline for himself—all these people are amazing writers who have written many popular books, and they do extremely normal things to get themselves to write. They don’t go searching for inspiration, because, they know that in time, amazing ideas will come to them.

Do they have boring lives? Of course not. They live their adventures, they see new worlds and meet interesting characters through their minds—just like us, teenage writers. We don’t need an Indiana Jones kind of life to pen down exciting stories. We don’t need to wish for adventure when we can make them on our own with our own words. Sometimes, the things we think are boring or irrelevant in our lives are what someone else might find exciting and intriguing.

So to all the teenage writers out there with everyday lives, I would say this, think of each day as a new surprise, because your new title, your new story will come to you when you least expect it, and you will be able to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Written by: Madhuri Rajkumar ([email protected])







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