As the sun set over the horizon and the orange hues streaked the sky, my heart screamed that sunsets truly set you free. It was on one such evening, right before sunset, an amazing crowd gathered for a night of Freedom. The Reading Room was having our second open mic on the evening of March 2nd, and this time it was all about Freedom.

After the beautiful and heartwarming first open mic ‘Believe’, everyone was looking forward to the big day. And we were not disappointed.


As evening arrived, the room filled with familiar and unfamiliar faces, who gathered to hear, share and see what freedom meant to them and others.  And what we saw, what we heard and what we shared was far beyond what any of us expected. The room was cast in a spell, untouched by the mundane world around us. The world shifted to hear us and our words; even time seemed to take a stand-still.

the reading room

Beautiful stories, heart-warming poetry, tunes that bind the soul and words that touched the heart filled the room as the evening turned to night. Time stopped in the cozy room but flew outside. No one noticed the magical sunset fading or the time ticking because that night everyone was free.

How, you wonder?

A few broke free from themselves, experiencing a freedom they’ve never known;  a few finally found the freedom to set their hearts free and express its dreams; one sang her soul to the stranger who became her companion for the night, and one thanked Mrs. Jacob, her primary school teacher, for she had helped set her free by finding the magic of words!

the reading room

It was a beautiful evening where writers, students, filmmakers to businessmen, photographers and singers met, shared, laughed and even shed a few tears in that small room surrounded by words- the ones spoken that day and the ones bound in the shelves of books that surround us. 

The connection that binds every soul to each other in this universe is mostly invisible and hardly felt, but strangers had met in the evening, anxious and excited, and they ended up connected in more ways than one after that night filled with emotions.

Not only did they find freedom, but they also found each other. And as Barack Obama once said, “My liberty depends on you being free”, that night we had found freedom together.  

The words of Vani Vinod

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