A reading club situated at Kowdiar in the green city of Thiruvananthapuram, it is a little bit of everything a book lover would want. There is a colorful, fun children’s room where we have regular reading club activities and story hours for children. Here we read out stories to kids, encourage them to read out loud and have extremely fun and animated discussions. We organize word games and story writing/telling contests and a zillion little activities and games that make books and stories come to life for the little ones. With a tranquil and quaint reading room for people to just settle in with their favorite reads for a few hours and escape from the everyday hustle bustle for a bit. We also have a small but growing stock of older books which our members can read and/or borrow from at no extra cost. It’s also a bookstore for you to buy books from. In short, just as the name suggests, it’s a friendly little place for all book lovers – to browse, lounge, read, buy, borrow, be quiet, be loud and fun and just take in the atmosphere of books. It’s your corner little bookstore hangout.


Storyhour Sessions

The Reading Room Trivandrum StoryHour Sessions For Kids 2019

Through our well planned and specially designed ten-month Storyhour programme, our focus is on making books enjoyable, honing their creative expression and overall communication and personality development.

Whether it’s a kid yelling out “My favourite animal is the mouse now!” after listening to The Gruffalo, or sharing a story about her chocolate cake after listening to Matilda, a story can make way for great conversations, discussions, and debates! Feelings and ideas about these stories also lead to various planned creative writing activities. We also help them choose the perfect books from our library to accompany them home for the week In this manner, through reading, talking and writing, our one and a half hour Storyhour sessions take place twice a week in our ultra-colourful, well-stocked children’s library.


The Reading Rhetoric

The Reading Room Trivandrum Reading Rhetoric For Teenagers 2019

Being a teenager—with it’s changing views, new paths to explore, and a lot of uncertainty—can be, at times, confusing. Finding the right peer group, opening up about feelings and finding the right words to express them may become a little challenging. The Reading Rhetoric is a carefully planned and curated programme aimed to provide a safe space for teenagers to express themselves and explore their creative side. A book club, interactive discussion group, and a writers’ hub, all rolled into one, the idea is to help teenagers understand themselves better and to find a like-minded peer group to share and interact with.


Akshar — Hindi Sessions

The Reading Room Trivandrum Akshar Hindi Sessions For CBSE Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Students 2019

‘Hindi, as a subject might not be a major hurdle to study and score marks for, but it’ s another story when it comes to actually understanding and speaking the language. On popular demand from parents and children of the Storyhour batch, we bring to you an attempt to make your Hindi textbook an interesting and fun storybook, while you pick up the nuances of writing and speaking the language as well.
Let’s make Hindi just as handy as English has become.


Other Facilities (We let grown-ups in too!)

Study Room

Looking for a quiet space to prepare for your exams, or to get some work done quietly, make some artwork, or read a book? Our cozy little study is a quiet corner for you to come, sit down and tackle your work! Printed materials and electronic devices are allowed in our study.

Events Room

Our tranquil event space, lit with a thousand fairy lights and the smell of old books (courtesy of our library) is where the community comes together. Be it an interactive music concert, a warm open mic, fun book readings or informative workshops—you’re welcome to host these and more! The intent is to bring together like-minded people to network, connect and share.