There is reading…

And then there is storytelling.

However, above all that—in an altogether different plane—is the experience of hearing stories straight from the author. Especially when the author is as fun, full of warmth and life, and friendly and sweet as Khyrunnisa ma’am.

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, The Reading Room was in this parallel universe where the creator of Amar and his friends took us along to their world. Not only did ma’am talk about her writing journey and development of characters, but took us through the story setting and interesting snippets from each of the books.


She read out the most fun and interesting portions from the book stopping just in time to say, ‘and to know more, you need to read.’


As this happened, book after book for 6 titles, the rush of children running to get their books, get them signed and start reading was beyond comprehensible.

The beauty of the evening was to hear the expressions and the dialogues straight from the writer; to hear exactly how they sound in the writer’s head is the luckiest experience ever. As the room burst out laughing with each sentence ma’am read, what was spectacular was how the children and adults enjoyed and immersed themselves in the experience as a whole.

The best thing is how warm, friendly and conversational both Khyrunnisa ma’am and her husband Vijayakumar sir are, as they patiently met and spoke to everyone who queued up with questions and conversations.


Conversations about books, reading, and books about reading, went on long after the session ended and everyone, and their children, reluctantly left The Reading Room this night.

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