Summertime! A warm, idyllic season filled with fruits, laughter, and love. Without school or exams to worry about, it’s the perfect time for kids to vacation, play or simply curl up in bed and read!

Indulging in this youthful spirit, The Reading Room kick-started its annual summer vacation retreat for kids, on the 1st of April. A sun-sational month full of games, activities, storytelling, dancing, singing, and acting, in a safe, inclusive environment where children can express themselves freely. Sounds cool, right?


On the first day itself, we knew we were going to have an unforgettable summer. Around 30 kids walked in with packed bags and excited faces; ready to learn and play. Surrounded by books and good people, we created the perfect environment for kids to improve their social skills, self-esteem, and confidence. No one was left behind; we make sure every single child got the chance to flourish their creativity.

Throughout this week, we interlinked important topics like Public Speaking and Personality Development, with interesting games and exercises, to help the kids improve their oratory skills and build up rhetoric confidence. During the Creative Writing session, their imaginations ran wild with fantastic stories, like that of a wolf prince, a traveling gunfighter and so much more. The Dance sessions created an electric atmosphere in the room; the kids learned a few cool steps and moved their bodies to the music without a care in the world. Everyone within a one block radius of The Reading Room must’ve heard the kids belt out ‘Hakuna Matata’ or do the funny vocal exercises we taught them during the Theatre and Music sessions. We’re starting to think that all kids have an in-built charging mechanism to maintain their energy!

Without a doubt, the most fulfilling part of this week was to see these beautiful, tiny humans grow holistically, by making new friends and helping each other out. We’re giving them an opportunity to become more resilient, empathetic and compassionate; qualities that make a human being.

Time really does fly quickly when you’re surrounded by love, happiness, and kids!  As the week flew by and another dawned, we can’t wait for the little ones to pump up the Reading Room with more laughter and energy.

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