The Reading Room has become my home in the past several months. A place of solace; my sanctum. I walked in that day as I did like always for the sheer joy of being there. But that day was different. The atmosphere was electric. Music filled the air. The rhythmic beats echoed through the rooms. I followed the trail of music… greetings came along the path I took, familiar faces and unfamiliar faces filled the Event Room, with a Cajon master, Nithin M Vinayan, teaching eager students the art of playing a Cajon at the centre.

Crowd at The Reading Room's Cajon Workshop

The music was pure synchronisation of beats. A couple of Cajon were placed in the middle of the room, Nithin was standing and instructing two kids who seemed around the age of 10. They were following the suggestions to the beat. And the result? Toe-tapping music.

Ever since I was little, I wanted to learn to play an instrument. I’ve only heard how they’re your constant companions. I’ve heard that music becomes your friend through them. But until I met Nithin, I never understood that everything they say about music is true.

Nithin has grown up with a soul filled with music that he wants to share with the world. He wants the world to connect with the music he plays. He is striving towards his goal one step at a time with his band ‘Meraki’. The workshop was another stepping stone.

Nithin's passion for music: Cajon Workshop

Under the fairy-lit room of The Reading Room, Nithin passed on his passion to the young minds gathered there. Not to mention, he gave hope to the ones who considered themselves too old to follow the path of music. Yes, it was a Cajon workshop to teach people the basics of a Cajon and how to play it, but in the end, it evolved into something so much bigger.

He showcased the magic of music to connect the hearts of people. Everyone in the room was connected in the beats that slipped off the tips of his fingers like words to a speaker. He made the art of playing easy. Nithin made the crowd believe it was easy. He sparked the fire of hope in the minds of everyone gathered that maybe it didn’t matter how old you were, maybe all it took was a single beat to start.

A father who dreamt of following the path of music as a percussion artist brought his son along with his Cajon symbolising his lost dream to The Reading Room that day. Life got in the way of his dream but he wouldn’t let his son have the same fate. But that day Nithin helped him relive his dream in the room filled with people, who came together for their love of music, with a jamming session.

Cajon Workshop: The Reading Room

I had walked in mid-way to Nithin’s show, but I could see how the audience were captivated with his knowledge and passion. I could feel how some dreams were revived while some had just begun.

As the evening came to a close, my heart was happy to know that there existed a place in the world where learning anything and everything is fun.  The workshops we hold is more than just technical learning. It isn’t just about teaching the ones who come. It’s about showing them the passion and encouraging them to follow their own. It’s about unlocking the potential that’s hidden beneath the surface, ignored by an education system that focuses on memory power than interest and passion.

The Reading Room: Cajon Workshop

That day was another reminder of why The Reading Room became my home and why we all do what we do. It was an encouragement to keep doing it. After all, all we can ever hope to do is follow our passion to the very end.

Writer: Vani Vinod ([email protected])

Picture credits: Adithya Jayaram ([email protected])

Artist: Nithin M Vinayan (@le_mudiyan; +91 87144 86850)


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