Imagine spending countless hours creating the perfect browse-worthy blog, or an ideal website for your product only to realize that it isn’t attaining the desired viewership!

SEO; The Reading Room

Well, the solution to this persistent problem— Search Engine Optimization is often considered a daunting process by amateur bloggers and web developers. With words like robots, crawlers, black hat-white hat etc., SEO can come across as an alien concept for someone without a technical background. However, it plays an important role in boosting the visibility of a website or blog. So when Mr Joby John, a digital marketing consultant with almost half a decade of experience in marketing strategies and SEO processes, decided to hold an introductory workshop on Search Engine Optimization at The Reading Room TVM we were beyond delighted. On the 23rd of March, a vibrant group of bloggers, web developers, students and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered together in our cosy event space; eager to learn how to attract quality viewers to their sites.

SEO; The Reading Room

Mr John gave us a wonderfully simple, easy-to-understand workshop, taking us through the basics of SEO; even suggesting free tools we can use to help grow our websites. A concept by concept commentary got the audience absorbed in the session, enthusiastically penning down important titbits of information.  As the session progressed, Mr John patiently answered all the questions popping up from the crowd, clearing their doubts and, in the process, debunking popular myths about SEO.

SEO: The Reading Room


At the end of the session, we were all surprised by how easily we could implement the SEO process on our blogs and websites. “I didn’t know it’d be this simple!” was the general response from the audience by the time the session wound up. All in all, it was an enlightening evening, with a bunch of bright people learning something as complex as Search Engine Optimization in a fun, interactive way.

SEO, The Reading Room






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